paper cut panic

about me

Hello. I’m Kirsten, an art director/graphic designer/creative creature based in Edinburgh.

The paper cut panic blog is like a shoe box of creative bits and pieces that inspire me. Open it up and take a look inside.

I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, seeing the world, colour, creativity, questions, raspberry jam, forests, the letter ‘O’, apples (golden delicious and mac), dreaming, illustration, mixed tapes, stormy grey skies, thesauruses, Christmas trees, fortune cookies, ideas, taking photographs, and dancing…to the sound of music.

You can check out my portfolio at and follow my tweets @papercutpanic


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Hallo. Got linked here. nice place you got.
POintless point of interest; the rotating street on the findo gask video is Great Wester Rd in glasgow.

Comment by Dave Phillips

Love your little shoe picture!

Comment by Lynne, Tea for Joy

Great blog! It’s a pity your RSS feed ain’t showing images or something btw!

Comment by Yanda

Great collection of all sorts. I love collecting and finding new things too. I enjoy your blog. Nice one!

Comment by stephannie

Thanks for dropping by.

Yanda – Thanks for letting me know about the lack of images on the RSS feed. I’ll look into it.

Comment by papercutpanic

Stumbled across this blog. love it. :)

Comment by crookedmonday

Please check out my paper sculpture work at – all pieces are made entirely from cut paper.

Comment by Daniel

Love the shoes. BTW, I love whiskers on dogs, color, cherry jam, and Apples, as in computers!

Comment by alwaysjan

love your blog! :)

Comment by thejohncharles

love your blog. thought you might like this

Comment by herman chaneco

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